chronoform problem

jeel2008 17 Jan, 2009
Hi , ive installed chronoform and it runs on joomla 1.5.

1. ive made a very simple form to test it out.
it works ok, the data is shown in the table i dedicated.
but everytime i submit the form this message shows up at my joomla window:

_POST: Array ( [text_0] => john johnson [undefined] => Submit [c713facaf404727669763b1247ff6e6c] => 1 )
(john johnson is the name entered this time).

its not a BIG problem, but a small esthetic problem i would rather call it.
can anyone tell me how to get rid of this?

2. i m not receiving email when the form is submitted. i did what i thought i had to do, but it doesnt seem to work.
(Forms management - click name form - email results YES, email is Enabled).
any solutions for this?

3. once you've made the form, and you want to make some changes afterwards, youre not coming back in the editor (Form Wizard) it'll appear for 1 or 2 seconds , than it disappears and youll see the grey lines with red letters (see attachment).

4. captcha - check is working rarely. it just doesnt show up (the image)

5. now im here at the forum anyway i might as well ask this question:
this might be a stupid question but i m not sure what chronoConnectivity is doing.
whats the use of this in simple terms? as long as you can put data from a form into a form you're alrigth, arent you? or am i missing something?

thanks, jeel2008, The Netherlands
GreyHead 17 Jan, 2009
Hi jeel2008,

Welcome :-)

1) Turn off DeBug in the General Tab

2) You probably haven't enabled the email on the Setup Emails tab - please see the Emails tutorial in the Downloads area here.

3) Yes, the Wizard in this version can only be used to create forms, not to edit them. Max has an editable version planned for a future release. You can edit the code in the Form Code | Form HTML box.

4) ChronoConnectivity is primarily used to display data from a database table (see the FAQs area here). Though it can also be used to add and edit.

jeel2008 17 Jan, 2009
Hi Bob, thanks for your quick reply (it was so quick i did not even notice and have been editing my question in the meantime!).
first of all, great form this chronoform, i think it has lots of potential, i just have to find out in time.

but anyway, i had a bit of problems with the captcha check. i managed to get it working on one testform, but not on the other two or tree.
can it be im overlooking something?

meanwhile i go finding out about the emailstuff. the debug you mentioned at point one indeed gave the result i wanted.

jeel2008 18 Jan, 2009
Hello Bob,
the captcha check is working now, as well as the emailthing.
in fact everything is working now, but i have one remark. i 've just made a registration form.
in the last step of the tutorial is written:

Linking the form to the Registration Plugin within chrono forms (see att. 1).

if you do and you follow the exact steps descriped, you wont enable an email to be send to User and Administrator. (see att. 2)

But if you'll register there will still be, after submitting, the message of an sent activition link to your emailadress.
which of course will never arrive as the Email Userbox? is still on NO.

Anyway, thanks a lot, Jeel2008
GreyHead 18 Jan, 2009
Hi jeel2008,

Have you tested this? From memory, the Registration PlugIns ignore the Email setting on the General Tab.

jeel2008 20 Jan, 2009
Hi Bob, yes , i tested this whilst following your tutorial step by step.
in the tutorial is no mentioning of enabling these settings.
so, i didnt.
the message of the activation link came anyway.
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