Form Not working

alan1987 11 Jan, 2009

I have been trying to use Chronoforms today. However the form just doesnt work. In the sense i am not able to receive the results Via Email. Please help.
Given below is the output.

Form passed first SPAM check OK
Form passed the submissions limit (if enabled) OK
Form passed the Image verification (if enabled) OK
Form passed the server side validation (if enabled) OK
Form passed the plugins step (if enabled) OK
Emails data loaded OK
Form passed all before email code evaluation OK
Debug End
_POST: Array ( [text_0] => Alan [text_1] => DSouza [text_2] => 9986217388 [text_3] => [email][/email] [text_4] => Bangalore [text_6] => INdia [text_5] => <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> [Business_Intelligence_Solutions_(ERP_CRM_SCM)] => Business Intelligence Solutions (ERP CRM SCM) [ Web_Application_Development] => Web Application Development [ Web_Hosting_&_Servers] => Web Hosting & Servers [ SEO_&_SEM] => SEO & SEM [ Mobile_Application_Development] => Mobile Application Development [undefined] => Submit [813ac0c51bcad80840ed61396fd1137d] => 1 )
GreyHead 11 Jan, 2009
Hi alan1987,

Looks as though your emails aren't fully enabled. Please download the Email tutorial from the downloads area and check the steps through.

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