e-mails not sending (e-mail results:enabled)

monkeytimestudios 09 Jan, 2009
I installed chronoforms 3.0 and tested my form, it was sending my e-mails with a file attachment but then some of my users attachments were not coming through. So, I created a new form and checked all the setting again, everything was correct for sending an e-mail but now I am not getting any e-mails at all. setup E-mails all enabled (yes) E-mail the results (yes) allow uploads (yes) file types allowed jpg|gif|png|tiff

This is what I got from the debug:

_POST: Array ( [text_2] => William [text_3] => Milleson [text_16] => [text_4] => 02/27/1982 [radio0] => male [text_7] => xxx-xx-xxxx [text_8] => 3542 state route 5 [text_9] => cortland [text_10] => ohio [text_11] => 44410 [undefined] => Submit [6c68a24f4d3e4a5d308e690844a0bf18] => 1 )
E-mail message

From: payroll []
Subject: Payroll Info
Edit Your Personal Info *** All Fields Required First NameWilliam Last NameMilleson E-mail Birthdate02/27/1982 Gender maleMalemale Female Social Security #xxx-xx-xxx Street Address3542 state route 5 Citycortland Stateohio Zip Code44410 Upload a photo of your state I.D. ***must be a clear photo for age verification***20090108165715_Mi_license.gif Submitted by

Thanks for submitting your Information, We will process your registration as soon as possible.
Max_admin 09 Jan, 2009
Hi monkeytimestudios,

there should be more DEBUG info with V3.0, this is all what you get ?

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
GreyHead 09 Jan, 2009
Hi monkeytimestudios,

It looks as though your template may not be showing Joomla messages. Please will you switch to ja_purity temporarily and see if you get more DeBug messages showing.

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