Likely Simple CF CSS and my Joomla Junkie Don't Play Nice

thumpngood 08 Jan, 2009

This should be a simple one for anyone with css skills, I got none. Please see my form located at:,com_chronocontact/chronoformname,contact_soapworks/lang,en/

Simply notice the vertical offsets of the label text and that lables form elelment/box etc.

I am happy and want to use Chronoforms CSS/JS Files? but thier seems to be some problems in the mix of the theme CSS files from Joomla Junkies Rational Magic. You can dig around and see those. My queses is that portions of the styles in Chronoforms need an !Important statement. I'm just a novel reader of CSS, so you help will go a long way.

Hope this is simple. $15 via PayPal. for the solution. Email at me at (thethump[at] me before you start. I'll post the resolve here.
Max_admin 08 Jan, 2009
Hi thumpngood,

do you have any HTML editor like MS frontpage or Dreamweaver ? you can design a similar from which will play nice with your template in 2 seconds and you will also know how to do it in the future, its very easy!🙂

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
thumpngood 13 Jan, 2009

Yes I used DreamWeaver. I'm hate to be a tables guy, but I suppose I can do it. I'm certain the overall CSS from my template is bugger'n this up. I'll give formatting myself a shot. Thanks!

- D
constancy 20 Aug, 2009
How to view a css stylesheet on the Web? When I come across a Web page that has, for example, nicely formatted text, I'd like to view the page's css stylesheet to see how they do it. Is this possible?
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GreyHead 20 Aug, 2009
Hi constancy,

Use FireFox with the Web Developer Toolbar, or better with FireBug.

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