Comments don't appear on admin!

yannisc 04 Jan, 2009
After setting comments to published by default, comments appear on site normally, but they don't appear on the admin!

If I backup and restore, they appear!

What's happening?
yannisc 04 Jan, 2009
I got to phpmyadmin and saw that posts that are after changing the autopublish, are getting email "null". When I change that to empty ("") they appear on the admin. So, I think there is a bug with the admin when the email is null.
yannisc 04 Jan, 2009
I changed in the db at table chrono_comments field email from null to notnull and it worked!
Max_admin 04 Jan, 2009
Thank you, I will move this to the correct forum and check it!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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