Form that submits user details to profile

wadsy 03 Jan, 2009
Hi there

I would like to pay someone to create a form using my installed (Joomla 1.5.8) Chronoforms component that looks like this: I would also like it to submit the username in hidden fields autopopulated by chronoforms.

I have Community builder and Briefcase factory to it would be fantastic if the form could also post the results of the form of the website url and any uploaded files to the users briefcase folder and if possible the administrators briefcase file also. The form needs to also send the user and administrator an email with details of the submission (can be the same email).

How much to do this please? Happy to pay of course Also where can I download a manual for using CB with Chronoforms please?

GreyHead 04 Jan, 2009
Hi wadsy,

I've sent you a site email about the project.

I'm afraid that there is no manual for using ChronoForms with CB. The Joomla Registration Plugin Tutorial is a good guide to the main principals of using the CB Registration PlugIn though.

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