I this possible with Chrono Forms?

dcurtis1 03 Jan, 2009
I have been using ChronoForms for awhile but have used it for very simple things.

I have a question now that is quite a bit more advanced than I am capable of but first want to know if it's even possible by using ChronoForms.

Here is what I want to do...

I run a website for a Girls Fastpitch Softball team and want them to be able to update their profiles. I have been using ChronoForms to submit an email to me so that I could do the updates myself. I am tired of doing it all by hand and would like to automate it.

I want them to be able to submit any updates and have it applied immediately once they save changes and want it to show on their profile page. Second I only want them to be able to update their own profile once the have logged in.

Currently I don't have the profiles setup as forms just html. Please take a look and let me know if it's possible.

GreyHead 03 Jan, 2009
Hi Daryl,

Yes that can be done. You'd need to set up a database table to store the data. Link a form to it for recording and updating and set up display pages (perhaps using ChronoConenctivity) to display the output.

A bit fiddly because there are quite a lot of data fields but not difficult.

dcurtis1 04 Jan, 2009
Thanks for the reply!

Would anyone be interested in taking this challenge on?
Please email me at [email][/email] and we can discuss it.

I would be more than happy to compensate you for your time.

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