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brolin 02 Jan, 2009

I had followed through the 'Building Joomla registration form' and I am able to get the intended result. I have the following questions:-

1) Even though I did not click the 'DB connection', the CF user registration form is able to store data into the joomla default user database of jos_user. Can I assume that the plugin 'Joomla Registration' has done it for me automatically?

2) Now, I want to extend the field of the user registration. Inaddition to the user field of Name, username, password, email, I want the user to provide more detail such as telehone number, address, etc the very first time they are registering. Do I create a new table and not use the default jos_user table? If I were to use the jos_user table, how do I ensure the additional details like telephone, address are able to be stored in the jos_user table? Do I simply extend the jos_user table to include the additional details? DO I then need to click on 'DB connection' in this instance?

3) If I were to create a new table to hold the user database, how do I ensure that the Joomla admin function of 'user manager' is able to retrieve the user details from the newly created user table instead of jos_user?

Thanks for your time.
Max_admin 02 Jan, 2009
Hi brolin,

#1- yes
#2- answered in #3
#3- thats the way it should be done, you can NOT view the extra details in the users area, instead by viewing the data saved in the extra table through the Chronoforms table view screen, create a table using Chronoforms and connect to this table ONLY at the form page!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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