Can I create several registration forms?

somethingspecial 24 Dec, 2008

I need to create a site in which each of the salesmen of a company need to direct their reseller leads to register for the company's products. However, the only problem I have right now is figuring out if I can create a registration form for each salesman (2 so far) with some sort of hidden code (perhaps the hidden field will do?) that will identify whose lead is whose.

Can this be accomplished? The customer doesn't want a drop down menu for this feature. My other concern is that if it can be done, will this affect the Joomla! registration tables in any way?
GreyHead 24 Dec, 2008
Hi kremo5le,

You can do this by having the salesmen include their codes in any url on their site so that they link to . . .&sid=xc459t Then you can have them all come to the same for but use the sid to identify where they came from. Most web associate systems suse something similar.

somethingspecial 30 Dec, 2008
Hello there!

I'm sorry but, how do I "add" a code to the URL? I bet you just don't put it in there. Could you show me an example please? And, is there a way to keep track of such count? How?

Thank you!
GreyHead 30 Dec, 2008
Hi kRem,

You just add another variable on the end of the link url so if the url is
it becomes

You keep track of them in a database table, or if there are only 4 or 5 in an array hard-coded into your form code but the table is better.

somethingspecial 08 Jun, 2009
Hey GreyHead,

I know it is a little late, but I wanted to THANK YOU for this information. It really made a difference!

Take care.
GreyHead 10 Jun, 2009
Hi kremo5le,

You are welcome - thanks for the thanks :-)

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