Can get email to send

webfoundry 19 Dec, 2008
Hi there,

I've just installed the latest version of Chronoforms for Joomla 1.5. I've used older versions of Chronoforms without any problems but the new version seems to have added a lot more complexity.

I've set up my form and it displays OK in the web page. I've clicked on the set up email tab and added an email for the email "to" and "from" addresses. I've set the general tab to enable emails, but on the email tab the "enabled" drop down that appears on the right pane when an address is selected is 'greyed' out - in other words I can't make the 2 email fields on this tab active. My form doesn't send. I've checked the forum and FAQ but can't find any detailed information on this. In older versions I set up forms successfully without any issues but the new version seems overly complex to me.

Any help, much appreciated.

GreyHead 19 Dec, 2008
Hi Phil,

You need a couple more fields in the Email setup. Please get the Email tutorial from the DownLoads section here and check the steps out.

webfoundry 19 Dec, 2008
Many thanks Bob. I've done the tutorials and got it sorted now.

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