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JR1 18 Dec, 2008
Hi, for one of my clients i need a form that will send follow up e-mails after a couple of days and will put all the customer details in a external database or excell sheet. Can it be made with chronoforms?


GreyHead 18 Dec, 2008
Hi Raoul,

Yes this can be done. You'd need some extra code and a cron job for the follow up emails - that's the most complicated part.

ChronoForms already supports export to Excel from the Forms Manager. This can also be customised if needed.

I'm sure that either Max or I could help you with this. We'd probably need a bit more detail to give you a quotation.

JR1 18 Dec, 2008
Hi Bob,
thanks for the quick reply. As soon as i got more details i will post them in this topic.


JR1 01 Mar, 2009
Hi Bob, it took a while but i have some more details for the form. In a nutshell ,,, website is total 4-5 pages.

On the landing page the visitor fills in a e-mailaddres* and can choose yes or no .

The yes and no page both have the same simple form where you can fill in name, address , street etc. The e-mailaddress* is autofilled from the landing page. After submitting the form there goes an autoresponder to the visitor. After a few days there goes another follow up mail to the visitor.

The yes and no form have to be stored in different tables and accessible for the acajoom newsletter system so that both groups can receive different newsletters.

I have some experience with the chronoform module but not enough to make this a succes...... :-{

The quote questions...

1 What is the cost for the follow up mail code and can i use this code also for future projects, more specific,,is it doable or necessary to edit the code?
2 I tried to make a table but i'm receiving errors, can you help and learn me setting up the form so that everything works as described and what is the cost for that?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,

GreyHead 01 Mar, 2009
Hi JR1,

I'll take a proper look at this in the morning.

IIRC the link to Acajoom's newsletter is very simple - I think they provide an html snippet that you an use with a form.

The most difficult part is the timed follow up a few days later, Joomla has no sense of time. But you can do this if you have access to the cron tab on your server.

JR1 02 Mar, 2009
Hi Bob, any news? I want to give a quote to my client on Wednesday. If the follow up mail is not possible i will tell him that it can only be done by the newsletter system. If that will be the case are you willing to help me setting up the tables and connection to acajoom and what is your quote for that?


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