Can ChronoConnectivity generate separate profile pages?

porwig 11 Dec, 2008

Can I use ChronoConnectivity to generate Joomla! web pages filled with a single user's profile information? I also want to build a separate index page listing all users which would have links to each user's individual profile information page.

If the answer is yes, is there a better tool for this task or would ChronoConnectivity be a good choice? I have read the ChronoConnectivity tutorial and I think it will work. The part I don't understand is how I would code all the links on the index page so that when they are clicked on the correct individual user profile page will be displayed.

Thanks for any insights!

Max_admin 12 Dec, 2008
Hi Paul,

the key will be using 2 connections, one for the index page and another to work when any link is clicked to view the single profile, some user posted here all his code for this example before!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
porwig 12 Dec, 2008
Great, thanks Max! I'm glad to know ChronoConnectivity can help me accomplish this. I'll look for the other thread you referred to.

Thanks again,

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