Sending Emails

ramomu 29 Nov, 2008
Hello -
I have a question to get clarifications on Sending Emails on submission of a form.

What I want is...
1. when a person submits the form with all his details, including a valid email, the details of the submitted fields to couple of admin email addresses AND

2. Send a thank you note and further instructions as an email to the submitter, who's email addresses taken from the form's email field.

I tried this... but I was able to use either option 1 or 2 but not both.

I am using Joomla 1.0.12 stable..

any early suggestions highly appreciated

Thanks in advance
GreyHead 29 Nov, 2008
Hi ramomu,

That's correct. Multiple emails 'out of the box' are only supported in ChronoForms 3.0 for Joomla 1.5

You can send multiple emails from CF for Jooma 1.0 but you have to manually add the code to send the second one in the OnSubmit After box. You'll find examples if you search through the forums and FAQs here.


PS 1.0.12 is an out-dated version, I think 1.0.15 has the latest security fixes.
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