Saving A .txt file On Submit Button

CodeLab 28 Nov, 2008
I Am Numb In Php. 😟 Somehow With A Friend's Help I Managed To Write Few Lines Of Php Code .🙂
This Piece Of Php Code Is Supposed To Save Form Fields To A .txt File
Every Time Form Is Submitted It Creates 0.txt, 1.txt, 2.txt And So On..
When Tested Standalone, It Works 🙂
But Does Not Works Along With Chrono.. 😟
I Put The Code Here
On Submit code - before sending email: In The "Form Code" Tab
Form Is Submitted But .txt File Is Not Created..
I Am Not Sure What Path It Will Save .txt File To, But I Searched All Over com_chronocontact Directory

Also It Does Not Saves To Database....(I Read All FAQs Concerning To Database Saving...) 😟

Also Attaching The .cfbak File (Its Zipped), Just In Case If It Helps.... :?

Additional Info :
Chrono Version : 3.0
Joomla Version 1.5.7
CodeLab 28 Nov, 2008
Oops Sorry To Bother You All.. 😟
It Works Now... 😀

I Put The Code In
On Submit code - after sending email 🙂

I Should Have Checked Before Posting Here 😶
Thanks For Looking At It...

But Still I Cant Save To Database
GreyHead 28 Nov, 2008
Hi CodeLab,

It works perfectly on my test site. Saves records to the database table without any problems at all.

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