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verseo 17 Nov, 2008
Hi All,

Do hope you can help, I am looking for someone who can help me with the following.

At present someone comes to my Joomla 1.57 site.

Does 1 of 2 things, either

a) performs a search on their postcode and gets the classified listings (v cards) on the screen from SOBI
b) lists all companies of a particular type in (vcard format from sobi)

wither way the result is the same and each table contains an email address.

What I want is a button somewhere, anywhere that can pass all the email addresses passed in the results over to chronoforms to send out for a quotation request.

Can anyone here help with this.

Sobi is written by sigsiu.

Many Thanks

GreyHead 17 Nov, 2008
Hi Adam,

Let me make sure that I understand correctly. Your visitor comes along, does a SOBI search and gets a list shown on the screen. You want them to be able to click a button on the search result screen to send an email to all the businesses listed to ask them for a quotation. Is that correct?

This could be done as you suggest - by sending a mesage over to ChronoForms; or I think you could have a SOBI2 PlugIn to do the mailing.

IIRC SOBI2 is still Joomla 1.0.x what Joomal version are you running it on?

Happy to give you a quote with a bit more info and I expect that Max will be too.


Email: info at
verseo 19 Nov, 2008
Hi Bob,

Thank-you for your reply.

Yes that is exactly what I need, how you achieve it is irellevant.

Ideally I would like to be able to place the quote button anywhere but however you can manage it would be great.

I am using joomla 1.5.7 with legacy mode enabled.

Email me at adam.mills at verse dot co dot uk and I will happily give you access to the site access what can be done to achive this.

I amusing the latest version of chronoforms and I believe a 1.5 native version will be available shortly.

Many Thanks

verseo 21 Nov, 2008
I believe you tried to contact me for the login details, however I couldn't see how to get in touch.

Please email adam.mills(at) or call 08452 247906.

Many Thanks

Adam Mills
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