After Validation fail Submit button doesn't reset

zaphod71 16 Nov, 2008
Perhaps only a small niggle, but I would like to get it right!

If the data fails the validation, everything works fine, the relevant message gets shown and the data isn't submitted. However, once it is corrected, the submit button has to be pressed twice. It's as if the button has been left on the 'on' position and it has to be pressed once more to turn it back to off and once more to actually submit the data. I have this version of some poor user sitting there for ten minutes waiting for the form to process and then wandering off in frustration!

I'm using v3

Anyone any ideas, or is this only happening to me?

Max_admin 16 Nov, 2008
Hi zaphod71,

this happens yes, I'm working on a fix for that in the future release and a complete new validation solution too! but currently this is how the validation library is working (its not our code)

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
zaphod71 16 Nov, 2008
Thanks for getting back so quick.

Not to worry, I'm sure it'll be just fine as it is.

Thanks for letting me know
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