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gg4j 30 Oct, 2008
Hi Greyhead!
Hope everything is fine with you.

A question: I gotta create a forum in which users can upload up to 5 files.
There is one part for personal data entries.

The idea is that the user write his personal data only once.
So I thought, two ways.

1) Users registered with a First form, and registered users can access to Form 2 for uploading up to 5 images (a kind of registered users to a session of the web site)
2) In a unique form, the form will be splitted in five parts.
3) Arrange something like google mail for the attachment. But I have to add even meta data for each file.

a) Which is the easiest?
b)I am concerned for users with slow connection... what if the uploading fails?
c) Is there any reference on the forum to follow for the most straight forwards directions?

Thank you for your precious directions.😀
GreyHead 30 Oct, 2008
Hi Luigi,

I'd probably use the register first - upload later approach. There are some quite neat javscript file uploading dialogues in the Joomla back-end I think that you could adapt these into a form to show upgrade progress OK.


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gg4j 31 Oct, 2008
...but mm.. I think I need more guidelines now...

I will write you what I have in mind.lightbulb
1) Create a CC form to register users for the session area: a db table with the personal data of the users will be created.
2) The users can then access to a second CC form
---> how to make a check then only users registered in db_table_1 can access to form 2?
---> Where /how to put this control? in the CC form 2? or should I create another form in which to enter user/password, make the check, if valid pass the data to form 2 ?
3) I design a multipage form 2, in which each page has the uploading field and the other meta.
---> there should be something on the forum, already, for mulitple pages form.
4) Can you tell me where are the JS files showing the uploading process?

Many thanks!
Is there some tutorial some existent form to design on topo of it?
gg4j 31 Oct, 2008
Hi greyhead and Max

I'm looking at the forum.

So I guess this (see Form into Form thread) might be step for checking the registration.

The second approach is to save the interim data in a database table so that it can be picked up later. To make this work you need to be able to recognise the user again. If they are registered users then you can use their user-id; if not then either you need to give them a unique identifier, [..] you could ask them to identify themselves with a token of some kind - maybe their email address. Then you look up the token in the database table and re-load their partial data if it exists.


How to do that on the fly and if validated, load the data, if not, display the input fields, and after, step to form 2 ?
Max_admin 31 Oct, 2008

Where /how to put this control? in the CC form 2?

yes, a simple SQL query to load the current logged user data and check if he can access or not, if not write "return;" so the form will not show!

#3- search teh forums for multi page forms or wait for next CF release as it will have this as core feature!
#4- some CSS and special layout HTML, and a PHP line of code, but I tried this before at the frontend and couldn't get it to work, the files was not uploading!! if you got it working or found it working at frontend page somewhere then you can let me know and I can help.

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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