Required Fields limiting text

vqcdesigns 28 Oct, 2008
I am using the ChronoForms version 2.5 J1.5 RC3.1. There is an issue with the field where I enter which form fields should be a required field because the component is limiting the number of characters I am able to input. It is under the Validation tab in the Required field. I cannot enter all the required fields because this field is limiting me. How do I go about increasing it so this field can accept more characters?
GreyHead 28 Oct, 2008
Hi vqc designs,

The ideal solution is to upgrade to v3.0 where there is no max_size set - but I understadn that might not be practical.

Open up administrator/components/com_chronocontact/admin.chronocontact.html and find this line (around line 769)
<input type="text" name="params[val_required]" id="params[val_required]" class="inputbox" size="50" maxlength="100" value="<?php echo $paramsvalues->val_required; ?>">
Change the maxlength value, or remove the attribute completely.

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