Parts of the form disappear

Alexk 13 Oct, 2008
Hi guys! I'm sure my problem was already discussed here many times! But I haven't found it.Sorry!

My problem is that when I use the link to my form I can see only a part of the form that i have created. And when i watch in the code there is also only the first part and thesecond part until to the end is missing.

I think it is a problem of the length of the text (heading, surname, ...) that I have written. Is there a special limit of signs which I can use? Because it always seems to appear when the Text has more than 50 characters or when the sum of all field descriptions is bigger than 70.

Do you know where the problem is?? Is it a database problem?? or where do I have to change settings??

Thanks Alex

P.S.: I have the newest version of Chronoform and joomla
Alexk 13 Oct, 2008
Already found the problem! The program doesn't like ß, ä, ü and ö !!!!
GreyHead 13 Oct, 2008
Hi Alexk,

Where are you using them? They should be OK except in field names.

Max_admin 13 Oct, 2008
Hi Bob, Alexk,

this is at the HTML code box, any code after the first special character is getting cut out and ignored, that happens on some server/database configs, few users reported it before but others confirmed it doesn't happen..


ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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