Sample Form from download not working

princessbs 18 Sep, 2008
When attempting to "restore" downloaded form the following message appears :

Restoring the whole form failed Failed, error : Unknown column 'extraemail' in 'field list' SQL=INSERT INTO jos_chrono_contact (id,name,html,scriptcode,redirecturl,emailresults,extraemail,emailsubject,onsubmitcode,onsubmitcodeb4,attformtag,submiturl,emailtemplate,paramsall,titlesall,autogenerated,published) VALUES ('','test_form','Name:
','','','2','','ChronoForms test','','','','','','ccemail= bccemail= formmethod=post omittedfields= recip=Yes from_name=Admin replyto_name=Admin email_type=1 debug=1 mysql_type=1 enmambots=No emailfield= subjectfield= ccfield= bccfield= fromemailfield= fromnamefield= uploads=No uploadfields= uploadmax= uploadmin= dvfields= imagever=No validate=No val_required= val_validate_number= val_validate_digits= val_validate_alpha= val_validate_alphanum= val_validate_date= val_validate_email= val_validate_url= val_validate_date_au= val_validate_currency_dollar= val_validate_selection= val_validate_one_required=','','','0')

I had a form working in RC3 but cannot seem to get the form to send the email in the new version so decided to try the sample provided.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
GreyHead 18 Sep, 2008
Hi princessbs,

As Max posted earlier today the sample form is for CF 2.5 and won't work with CF 3.0

I'll go and add a note to it and create a v3.0 sample.

princessbs 18 Sep, 2008
Thank you, Bob.
I know it is something simple on my form but I just can't seem to find the error of my ways.
I'll be patiently waiting your new sample form.
GreyHead 18 Sep, 2008
Hi princessbs ,

Sorry, I got sidetracked by dinner, here's the form I created in the tutorials.

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