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Cf7 repeater

mayergreenberg259 26 Feb, 2024
In cf7, I have a repeater in my form. I can get the 'Sort Clone' and 'Add Clone' buttons to work. But I cannot get the 'Delete Clone' button to work. Can someone help me? I put it inside the repeater like it says. It still didn't work.
CraigH 27 Feb, 2024
The delete clone button function broke in 7.0.11 as reported here:

You can revert to 7.0.10 or apply the fix mentioned in the above topic. I have made several fixes to repeater functionality, which I have fed back but none have made it into a CF7 release yet. Repeater fixes I have done are in topics: 110584, 110890, 110893, 110971
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