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Chronoconnectivity v6 URL Questions

paddy285 18 Jan, 2024
I have extensive knowledge of Chronoforms & Chronoconnectivity v5.

I am moving to Joomla 4/5 and looking to move the 100s of Forms and Connections I've created to Chronoconnectivity v6 and Chronoforms v8.

I have lots of questions, but I can usually troubleshoot and find the answers somewhere on the Chrono forum, but this is difficult without a search function on the forum and minimal documentation.

Hence the reason for this post.

My first questions are about the URLs to access a Chronoconnection.

CC5 - Previously the URL that I could use in Joomla 3 to access a CC5 connection was:

CC6 - At the moment I have created a menu item (menu id is 119) and the URL created is

As you can see this includes the menuid(119)

If I then go to the Options tab of the Menu Item and type in aparamter=somethinghere I would have expected this to have appeared in the URL:

but this is not the case.

Is the extra parameter not shown in the url, but available in the chronoconnectivity as {date:aparameter}? or should it appear in the URL and it is not working?

Also, am I able to use a similar URL for CC6 that I use for CC5 without having to create a menu item for every connectivity I have? e.g.

If so, does anyone know what this URL would be?

Thanks for any assistance with the above!

Max_admin 18 Jan, 2024
Hi Paddy

Although Connectivity 6 works on J4, it's not recommended to build 100s of apps on that version as it's outdated and the update to make it J4 ready is just to help old users who used it on J3

You can use CFv8, but you should wait on Connectivity apps until Connectivity8 is ready
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
paddy285 18 Jan, 2024
Hi Max,

Thanks for the reply and update - really appreciated!

Do you have a roadmap for Connectivity8?

We have been (and are on) tight timescales to move to Joomla 4/5 within the next six months.

We currently have 35 CCs and 65 CFs which manage a huge amount of functionality for us and all our clients data.

Due to compliance regulations, we need new versions of Joomla, PHP & MySQL to be in place and therefore our entire portal needs to be redeveloped.

If CC8 is going to appear in the next few weeks, then I might wait, but if not, I'm going to have to plough ahead with the development work unfortunately.

Based upon this, are you able to answer the two questions above? Or provide any other insight into alternative options?

Thanks in advance Max! And thanks for developing and sharing at a ridiculously great price some great Joomla extensions!

Kind regards, Paddy
webbusteruk 18 Jan, 2024
If you have to use Chronoconnectivity, Chronoforms 7 has a Connectivity mode. It is not as flexible as CC6 but it's still workable in the meantime (and supported by J4, not sure bout J5) until CC8 is released.

To answer your question about CC6:
1. Yes the extra parameter typed in the Options is not shown in the url but available in the chronoconnectivity as {data:parameter}. It will also be used directly as data if you have any function/PHP code in your CC.

2. Yes you can access CC6 directly via the URL. The format is "/index.php?option=com_chronoconnectivity6&conn=cc-alias-here".
paddy285 19 Jan, 2024
Hi WebBusterUK,

Thanks for the answers and the additional information - really appreciated and incredibly helpful!

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