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CF7 - Table List view - View and edit buttons

mayergreenberg259 23 Nov, 2023
I am using cf7 to display a list selected from a database table with the 'table list' page block in the 'views' section.
In addition to the fields stored in the database, I would like each row to have clickable buttons (view and edit buttons) which link to another form that can edit a certain row in the database table. My problem is that I can only get actual columns in the tables to be displayed.
This button functionality was available in cf5. Is it also available in cf7?
If not, are there any alternative ways to accomplish this?

Thank you.
Pkoll 23 Nov, 2023
Define in the Table columns a Edit of Delete path and header filed
Update the area's and position in the filed a TextNode (see page blocks)
in the text node you can define link to other pages and update what you want

mayergreenberg259 26 Nov, 2023
Thank you, that worked.

One more question:
How can I reference the data pulled from the database within the TextNode? I would like to be able to use the data for each row to use in the links.
Colnem 26 Nov, 2023
InTable List add a checkbox Element, for exemple named mycheckbox.
In Table List checkbox Element, modify the html name of the element, indexed with the user:id.
HTML TAG ATTRIBUTES: name="mycheckbox[{}]" (override)

In your form, add a button to submit.
In your submit page, for each checkbox selected, you find this...
data: mychexkbox = 1 = 1
Pkoll 26 Nov, 2023
In the link in the textnode you Can add a link with an attribute like: rulle as name and value {}
Where Model1 is de name of the table.
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