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CH7 Class Joomla\Database\DatabaseDriver not Found

starkens 14 Nov, 2023
Perhaps a similar issue here. PHP 8.1
Because Recaptcha V2 not working (is showed up on click it load endlessly) I tried to
update to latest Version CF7.0
That crashed my latest Joomla 3.10.12
Error: 'Class "Joomla\Database\DatabaseDriver" not found'
Now waiting for Backup Restore.
starkens 14 Nov, 2023
To fix the Error: 'Class "Joomla\Database\DatabaseDriver" not found' I disabled CF 7.12 modul ChronoG3_Plg manual in the database to get back access to my Joomla site. Downgrade to CF 7.10 and it is working again. ReCaptchas V2 and V3 are still not working on CF 7.10. Can you please give me a hint why CF 7.12 ChronoG3_Plg are causing this error?

Thx Udo
Max_admin 16 Nov, 2023
it's because you have Joomla 3 and the last update is for Joomla 4 & 5 only

I think the recaptcha issue is something else, please enable the browser's console, does it show any javascript errors on the page ?
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
starkens 16 Nov, 2023
Ahhh o.k. thx for that information. My fault.

I think you are also right with the recapture issue because also the Joomla internal recaptcha plugin what is used e.g. by forget password has the same issue. For now I replaced the google captcha with the picture captcha in CF7. Error list is coming soon. First I have to setup a testsite. Thank you for your help!
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