Redirect / Link with anchor link not working

skittle 19 May, 2023
How can I add an anchor link to a URL using the redirect action?

I am trying to link to a specific location on the page I am redirecting to. Adding an anchor link at the end of the list of parameters does not work. The hash is converted to %23 when the redirect runs and the anchor link no longer works. For example, #section1 becomes %23section1.

This behavior also appears when using a Button and working with the Links interface. I have tried defining the anchor link as a variable and adding the variable to the end of the redirect parameters but the result is the same.
Bodzio 08 Jun, 2023
I have the same question/problem
skittle 08 Jun, 2023
As a partial workaround I have been using HTML Custom Views to create buttons that need to use an anchor link. I just create a link in html and style it as a button. When the system renders the html link it processes the anchor links correctly. I have not yet found an easy workaround when using the Redirect Action, however.
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