Is hacked or ist the Blog News about Kaili truely from you?

wanderschaft 20 Apr, 2023
I am wondering if the blog entry about kaili and the elder of zion is from you, because this book is known as very problematic hoax:
so: If your site ist hacked I wonder about the security of the update files of chronoform... this kind of statement ist quite unusual for this wonderful tool. And there is no way for me to find out who is responsible for this site and the security of the tool.
Thank you for more Information
Max_admin 20 Apr, 2023
It's my opinion, Kaili is not that guilty, and the protocols are real based on what's going on now, at least in the middle east.

They want to alter all religions and make people faithless, Kaili supported Qatar which promoted Islam during the World Cup so they hit it.

Not only that, but I have a first hand experience with the "hidden hand", I wrote about this before, you can not imagine what technologies are out there being used against EVERYONE.
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
wanderschaft 21 Apr, 2023
Hi Max,
I am very thankfull for your Statement! This gives me a little better Impression what you are thinking and helps me on my way.

I understand what you say. For me and my customers it is a little irritating what you are saying. Which does not mean you are wrong, I am not the one who has to judge this. And of course you are free in your opions, which is something very important for me.

For me it was and still is a matter of trust. You know as a normal Joomla Developer from Germany I was searching for a good tool to realize Forms in Joomla. I use this tool for years now and also for Companies with a clear consense of Privacy and security. Joomla was the decision, because I belive in the Idee of freedom and opensource much more than in closes hidden systems like Microsoft oder others, where you dont know what is behind.

But if you choose opensource and you pay for a tool you have the advantage so look into the code, but in reality you wont do this in every update, so it is about trust. Who wrote the code, which was his intend, are there posibilities and interest to receive datas for the useres of our customers websites, and as you can imagine, forms a sometimes very private information (think about question forms at sites from doctors, pharmacy, IT companies ....)

The other way ist to trust that other people check the Code, which is great and this is why i believe in things like linux.

With your blog Statement it was the first time, that I realize that the Company I pay for a form Tool has a cleare political agenda and ist talking about the protocoll of Zion and a hidden hand. Maybe this ist right or this is wrong, I dont care and privatly it would be a great and interessting discussion ( As you can see in the Wiki entry to the protocoll of zion, there ist a clear history here in Germany with this book, it was used by nazis, which means nothing because I understand that the arabic world is really treated bad in many ways and so on and maybe you know more than I or the wiki and all the people you analsed this book.... and yes I do not like many things going on in israel...)

but: now I have to know can i Trust your company oder the code... this ist my problem at the moment. I am not good in checking the security of code personal, so I have to trust the company. In Europe, mandatory information about a product and the company that is responsible for this product is a matter of course. This is in an imprint. In the case of Chronoengine, I can't find this information and only see that you, max, are probably the owner.

Many security problems come from externals attacs, where update files are comprimited / the integrety is broken. In this case I see it is not the case, which ist good.
So at the moment it all i can hope that your code is free from things that might try to use privacy information of the user of the website.
I write all of this here just to explain my concernes, not to start a politcal discussion. (which we can do privatly, not here in fhe blog)

Max_admin 24 Apr, 2023
Hi Markus,

Joomla has an extension vulnerability team and website which reports any security issues in extensions, so unless they report something about Chronoforms, it should be safe to use Chronoforms.

And I have no political agenda, I wrote about Kaili because it's clear she is not being treated fairly, I'm having serious issues with secret organizations in my life, and no body gave me any help, even when I was in Germany seeking assistance, so if these are the rules of the world, why should they go after Kaili.

Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
wanderschaft 03 May, 2023
Thx for your open and clear answer, that helps me. Of Course your have all rights for your own opinion. And I am very sorry that the help you expected in Germany could not be granted.
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