ChronoForms 7 and SPPage Builder

roman5527 09 Apr, 2023
Hi, i have problem with chrono forms 7 . I create chronoforms 7 module with my form and add it to spa page builder addon but i dont see module on frontend .
with chrono forms 6 it works. can you help me why ? thanks
tobre 11 Apr, 2023
You need to download and install the Chronoforms Module from After you activate it, you will see your forms in SP Page Builder.
roman5527 11 Apr, 2023

You need to download and install the Chronoforms Module from After you activate it, you will see your forms in SP Page Builder.

Hi, torbe . i have installed it . but module doesnt show on frontpage when i add it from sp page builder
tobre 11 Apr, 2023
Did you create a module for your form and made sure it is published?
System / Site-Modules / New
Make sure you use the correct form alias.
roman5527 12 Apr, 2023
Hi, i have form :

i have published module :

and i have add it in sp page builder :

but on frontpage is content module missing :
tobre 12 Apr, 2023
Change the module you include in SSP from ChronoForms7 to obj-form-home-page and it should work.
roman5527 12 Apr, 2023
Thanks tobre but i dont understand , because in SPP you selected only name of module. :

ChronoForms 7 is only name of module and in this module i have form alias :

But i try rename it but it not solved of course.
tobre 12 Apr, 2023
What do you have as Menu Assignment on your module?
It should be either "On all pages" or "Only on the pages selected"
roman5527 12 Apr, 2023
Hi, i have selected on all pages .
it's weird . I have been using chrono forms for a long time also in cooperation with SP page builder. so far I had chnoforms 6 module there and it worked ok. but the chronoforms 7 module version is a problem
tobre 12 Apr, 2023
I asked chatGPT:
There could be several reasons why the ChronoForms 7 module is not showing up on the SP Page Builder page despite being published and having a menu assignment set to "On all pages". Here are some potential reasons and troubleshooting steps:

Module position: Ensure that the module is assigned to a valid position within your template. Some templates have specific module positions for compatibility with SP Page Builder. Check your template documentation or module positions in the template settings.

Menu assignment conflicts: If you have other modules assigned to the same position with different menu assignment settings, they could conflict and prevent the ChronoForms module from displaying. Double-check your other modules' menu assignments and positions.

SP Page Builder Addon: If you want to display a module within a specific section of your SP Page Builder page, you may need to use the "Module" or "Module Position" addon provided by SP Page Builder. Add the addon to the desired row/column, and then choose the ChronoForms module from the list.

Caching issues: Clear your website cache from the Joomla! administrator panel, as well as your browser cache. Sometimes, old cached data can prevent changes from being displayed correctly.

Extension compatibility: Ensure that you have the latest version of ChronoForms, SP Page Builder, and Joomla! installed. Outdated versions may have compatibility issues or bugs that could prevent the module from displaying correctly.

Custom CSS/JavaScript: Custom CSS or JavaScript code added to your template or SP Page Builder page could cause conflicts and prevent the module from displaying. Inspect your custom code for possible issues or temporarily disable it to see if the module appears.

If you've tried all of these steps and the issue persists, consider reaching out to ChronoForms or SP Page Builder support forums for further assistance.
Max_admin 12 Apr, 2023
why do not you call your form inside the sp using the {chronoforms7}form_alias{/chronoforms7} syntax ? you will need to add com_sppagebuilder to the

Chronoforms7 > Settings > Joomla system > plugin shortcode

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
roman5527 12 Apr, 2023
Many thanks Max. It works . but module no .
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