Using a View as a data source for dropdown

amitycol 01 Apr, 2023

I have created a View in PhpMyAdmin based on a multi-table join query. The query and the view both return the expected data in PhpMyAdmin.
I'm tring to use the view as data source (source Table) in Chronoforms Read Data action to populate a dropdown on a page with no joy. I tired using a Read Data action with Relations (advanced Settings) but gave up as setting a three-table join had me scratching my head. So I reverted to my View (if only I can get it to work.

The View has 2 fields (product_id and product_name) required to populate the dropdown value and text.
The Option Data of the dropdown is set as {var:model_name.product_id} and {var:model_name.product_name} respectfully.
A Reload event of the dropdown reloads the page with the Read Data action which is in a separate page group.

Can't work out what I've left out.
Max_admin 01 May, 2023
can you find the View in the tables list in the Read Data action ?

I do not think it will be there, Chronoforms does not access the database views
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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