sloanthrasher 20 Mar, 2023
Where (and when) can I find documentation for all of the features and items in the form builder? Many do not seem to work together as they might/should, or at least their usage isn't obvious.
I've been trying for days to build a simple form to manage records in a table. Where the user has a list of records, can choose to edit one, clicks on it, then gets a form to edit the row. Finally returning to the original list of records. And has a button to add a new row.
I have managed to produce a list of rows in the table, but have no idea how to make a row "clickable", and then how to open a modal form in the same page.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
pgrnycomdir 02 Apr, 2023
I too would love to see some documentation!
sloanthrasher 08 Apr, 2023
Not holding my breath. Been waiting on an answer to this for almost 2 years.
webbusteruk 10 Apr, 2023
Best bet is to ask the question regarding what you want to do here and hopefully someone will respond with an answer.
Max_admin 22 Apr, 2023
Could you please write a list of the topics you want to start the manual with ? please choose something specific for each item in your list.
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
sloanthrasher 23 Apr, 2023
This will be a LONG list. ;-)

Well, here's a start.

Lists and Forms:

  • How to add links in a listing of records.
  • How to link to a form (including sending the unique ID of the selected row) to a CF form for editing, and how to return to the listing when the form is saved or cancelled.
  • How to implement "group actions", IOW, where each row has a checkbox, and there are buttons that will carry out some action on each row selected, for example "delete".
  • How to implement filters for listings.
  • How to implement sorting by columns for a listing.
  • How to implement custom or conditional validation in a form.
  • How to specify which row in a table to load for editing.
  • How to make a modal form, including how to make it appear.
  • How to make some changes to submitted data (calculations) after submission and before saving to the DB.

Technical Documentation:

  • Details for every/each item that can be placed into a form, including:
    • What each parameter does
    • How it affects the resulting form or list.
    • Dependencies for these items, IOW, what other widgets/settings need to be made to make them perform their intended task.
  • What events does Chronoforms add/expose?
  • What data structures are available in PHP code?
  • When custom code is executed (during form prep?)
  • How/Where to add code to respond to AJAX requests made from a form
sloanthrasher 23 Apr, 2023
@webbusteruk: I've tried several times to get an answer to my most basic question/use case, but have never gotten an answer.

In previous versions, it was really easy to:
  • Create a list of records from a table.
  • Have the list sortable, filterable, and paginated.
  • Have links for each row that would open a form to edit that row, save it (or cancel), and then return to the listing.

I have spent many, many hours researching and plugging away experimenting in CF7 to implement even a simple version (no sorting/filtering/paging) without success.
vieuxcampus 23 Apr, 2023
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