ChronoConnectivity5 Site Plugin has problems with PHP 7.4 ?

casals 11 Mar, 2023
We have been using Chronocinnectivity5 for a very long time and now we have updated the platform to PHP 5.6 -> PHP 7.4. The Chronocinnectivity5 works otherwise fine, but we get an error from ChronoConnectivity5 Site Plugin V5.0 (08.Dec.2013);

syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting ';'
/public_html/administrator/components/com_chronoconnectivity5/chronoconnectivity/helpers/lister.php(218) : runtime-created function:1

Any idea why..? Is there some code that we have to change, or is there any other incompatible components, modules or plugins that may cause this? We will move to Chronocinnectivity6 at some point, but we have so many complex connections that - as we knowit, can not be transfer to v6 , so they have to redone all of them, and this will take a long time..
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