Replacement Custom Code Block

Kazhaam 06 Feb, 2023

in Chronoforms 6 we used calls in custom code blocks like {chronoform:formname/formaction} in the setup tab to call other forms that e.g. create PDF documents with the data filled in in the form the call comes from.

Is there a best practice to implement this in chronoforms 7? Maybe there is also a replacement for this call in a custom php? I cant find any information what chronoforms does behind the custom call.

A normal redirect would not help because we use multiple calls in a row.

Thanks in advance
Kazhaam 06 Feb, 2023
I found out that enabling HTML Code in php blocks allows to use syntax like {var:php2}. I think now i just need the correct new syntax for {chronoform:formname/formaction}.
Kazhaam 07 Feb, 2023
I digged a bit into the CF Code. It seems the action is not there anymore. For now i had to change my forms that it works with redirects.😟 ... still searching for a better solution tho.
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