change column width in form

gvannauw 21 Nov, 2022
hello everyone

I am trying to let the form look nice, but the option to divide a line (with several columns) into nice looking partitions, isn't sufficient.

I know you can divide a row in a multifield using the 2/16 - 3/16 .... option but that isn't what I am after..

I tried to use the custom html attribute but none of the options I used worked (all of them were ignored)
I tried
td width: 150px
td "width: 150px;"
td style "width: 150px;"

All to no avail..

The fields currently look like this

Frequentie VML Andere club
35 Mhz J
40 Mhz N
2.4 Ghz

The first option frequentie and the second option VML andere club shouldn't have such large spacing between them.
In fact the option VML andere club should sit right next to the frequentie option leaving empty spaces to the right of the line..

So ideally, the line should look something like

Frequentie VML Andere Club
35 Mhz J
40 Mhz N
2.4 Ghz

Is this at all possible with chronoforms v7?
* and if so, how ??

Thanks + b regards
Colnem 23 Nov, 2022
The CSS syntax is exactly:
<td style="width:150px">

If it's doesn't work, try:
<td style="width:150px !important">

In Your examples, I don't see the difference between "The fields currently look like this" and "So ideally, the line should look something like" !!!
gvannauw 23 Nov, 2022
On the checkboxes fields, the html attribute doesn't work. In fact, it doesn't work on any of the fields, checkboxes or radio..
Where it does work is on the html code field....

Overnight I had an idea which seems to do, more or less, the trick
I have now set the field width of the checkboxes to 2/16
the second field (radio) I have set to 12/16 which forced the second field to move closer to the left
It now sort of looks a bit better..

I tried to upload screenshots in my previous post, but that didn't work.
I now notice that the spaces I had put in in my post, were removed, thus causing some confusion .. sri about that
Colnem 23 Nov, 2022
For add an HTML
Colnem 23 Nov, 2022
For add an HTML
gvannauw 24 Nov, 2022
hi Colnem
If I read you correctly, you suggest to put an html element in front of the multi field and change the column width in the html element ??
gvannauw 24 Nov, 2022
After expermenting with the settings, I found that selecting horizontal layout instead of equal width seems to be the way to go..

Thanks anyway for your kind assistance

B regards

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