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CF7, Wordpress 6.0.1 Shortcode not working

rclayton02884 11 Nov, 2022

Testing CF7 on localhost:8888/sitename, this is set up on my Mac, using MAMP PHP 7.4 Mysql, WordPress 6.0.1
Have I missed something somewhere? or is the following not the shortcode? I have put this shortcode to my form: [Chronoforms chronoform=contact-us] on a sample page but the form is not showing up on the page... just the above tag showing.

I am selecting - copy shortcode to clipboard icon and paste it into a code block on the page....and nothing just an echo of the pasted data on the published page.
The form shows when I: Preview, Admin View, and Front End View but not on a page that I need it.

Many thanks

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