Validation in hidden fields not working correct on mobilephone

gabi 04 Nov, 2022
Link to my form

This form is working correct on computer, but there is an issue on mobilephone, and I have no idea what to do.
In the form I have a field to choose year of birth.
If the year shows that you are under 18 years of age another field group will open up, asking for further information about parents.
In this group 2 fields are required.
If you are over 18, this group will not open and that is where the issue is.
On mobile, these fields seem to prevent the form from being submitted and you get no error message.

The message area looks like this:

And the events I made:

How to fix this? and another thing the event values (2005/2004) disapear if I want to edit the events in back end

I hope you understand what I mean. A bit difficult for me to explain.
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