Database relationships - Tiered or hierarchical structure.

Bojum01 09 Sep, 2022

I have a database which in part has three hierarchical tables, say A B and C.
Using relationships I can start with B and join A and B, as well starting with C and join B and C.

I am attempting to link A B and C so as to show the full hierarchical structure. Is this at all possible?

I have tried starting with C, with the relationship to B and then use that join model to create a relationship back to A.

I have tried this in both Advance Forms and Connectivity.

The core data does not have a direct cross reference between A and C, only via B.

Bojum01 14 Sep, 2022
Hi Bob,

Thanks for the link. I will have a try. Do you have an opinion about inner join? I see that somebody does not like that.

Is this a feature F7 may have in the future?


Colnem 15 Sep, 2022
Is there a future for Chronoforms 7? I'm not sure…
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