Changing the sender name and email

indianawebs 17 Jun, 2022
Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before, I've searched and not found an answer.

I've set up a form in CF7 which I haven't used before (I actually restored from CF5). Finally I have it working well after a few tweaks. It's a fairly simple contact form, upon submit the user gets a message saying thanks and an email is generated to me with the form data.

However, the email says it's from me (my name and my email). I need it to say it's from (website name) and a different email. Is there any way to change this? I'm pretty sure on previous versions of CF it was a fairly simple fix, but I can't find anywhere to change it. Logically I thought adding an Advanced action (from Data) was the way to go but I've put this in and it's made no difference to the email received.

Thanks in advance.
indianawebs 17 Jun, 2022
Never mind, was a caching issue. I had done the correct thing but browser hadn't caught up. It works perfectly now🙂
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