Spam in V6, should I used V7?

jcalvert 22 Mar, 2022
Hello. I'm having a lot of spam coming through on a V6 form. Both the ReCaptcha and the security image don't stop the spam. I would like to add PHP code to check the contents of the message, and check the IP; however, I'm not clear exactly how to do that. I understand this should be done in the beginning of the submit section, but don't understand how to use Event Switcher (if that's what I should use), how to get a success and fail box, etc.

Or should I just upgrade to V7? Does it have a better captcha that will block all spam?

jcalvert 24 Mar, 2022
I figured out how to do this in V6. If anyone wants to know, please post here.
Maxvl 27 Mar, 2022
hello! how to do it?
za-internet 04 Jul, 2022
Hello, please let me know how you did it! I have the bastard of eric jones on our pages posting his talktowebvisitors company.

It seeams he can use the form with spam checks and also captcha and without send button - I blocked the sent button on events if someone enters jones or eric....but it doesn't work for him. It works, if i test it.


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