Variable Read Data Where Condition

U Can Drive 08 Mar, 2022
Is it possible to set up the "Where" function in a Read Data operation to read the Field selected elsewhere via a Dropdown?

Example -
Table Field Name: {data:area}
Condition: =
Value: Y

FYI - No the above entry does not work but returns the following error1054
Unknown column 'Data.{data:area}' in 'where clause'
Colnem 08 Mar, 2022

I Don't think...
But may be it's possible with SQL Datas.. I'll try this afternoon...
Colnem 08 Mar, 2022
I confirm:

It doesn't work with Read Data Action, but it works with SQL Datas Action:

Select * from 'mytable' WHERE {data:field} = {var:value};
U Can Drive 08 Mar, 2022
Thank you for that, where do I get the SQL Datas Action?
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