Embed a Chronofrom 7 form in a Joomla Article

robinPog 05 Mar, 2022
In Chronoforms 4 if I want to open a chronoform in an article, i just add {chronoforms}FormName{/chronoforms} and the form appears at that location. I tried this with a CF7 form and it did not display, just showed {chronoforms7}cuurrentworkparties{/chronoforms7} instead of the form.
How do I do this in CF7.
robinPog 10 Mar, 2022
I have found the issue. I was showing the page as part of a tagged list of pages. On the tagged list the form does not display, just the {chronoforms7}cuurrentworkparties{/chronoforms7} link is shown. I changed the page to be displayed as part of a category blog and the chronoform displayed correctly.
Colnem 11 Mar, 2022
Thanks, This can be used.
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