Google Calendar Booking App

U Can Drive 24 Feb, 2022
Good Morning/Afternoon,

I'm wanting to develop an online booking system for my website that I am able to update myself.
U Can Drive 24 Feb, 2022
I have developed everything myself so far but am hitting some walls with this project due to my own limitations.

What I have:
A Google Account for each of my staff
- Each account has several Calendars for different booking types.
Each Student has an account on my site with all the required details.
U Can Drive 24 Feb, 2022
What I need:
Once my student has logged in and selected the preferred area/transmission/instructor I need to display a calendar showing the available times they can book a lesson(s).
They can then click their preferred time and make a booking.
U Can Drive 24 Feb, 2022
Your role:
I need someone to set up/teach me how to send a request to Google, receive the return information and display the available slots from the calendar.

Could you please let me have an idea of time/cost for such a project.
U Can Drive 24 Feb, 2022
Sorry for dodgy posting but the system wouldn't allow me to post the whole thing in one go.
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