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Custom change database table name

Gatsman 18 Jan, 2022
Is there way to change the SourceTable for a Save Data with php?
What i want is to be able to change the database table name for the save data according to the users info.
Colnem 18 Jan, 2022
You have to get the username with php and use Joomla Application to save datas in the table that you will...
Where is the problem?

I never do that, but I presume there is no difficulty...
Gatsman 18 Jan, 2022
Yes i can get the username and save the data with a custom sql query no issues there.
What i want to know is if i can instead use the chronoforms save data system by changing the table name before the save.
Colnem 19 Jan, 2022
No, I don't think you can do that with Chronoforms.
You have to use PHP.

But... Are you sure that you need a table for each user?
Can't you use ChronoEngine operators join and split to save fields in json format in only one table?
Gatsman 19 Jan, 2022
Yes thank you but each user must have it's own table that is not the issue.
If Max says that i can't use the Chronoforms save data system that way i will make it work with an insert into query like i did in CF5.
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