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manual chronoforms 7

univ 27 Oct, 2020
Hi, is there manual to chronoforms v7 ?
dnigra 28 Oct, 2020
Repeater field
Ways to customize email messages to include the form fields - I would like to create custom emails and not include the table that you get with {email_content}
Max_admin 30 Oct, 2020
Repeater field > on the todo list

You can use {data:field_name} to get the value of any field in the email body, just do that and do not use the {email_content}
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ? 15 Mar, 2021
I just would like to see a tutorial that:

1) show a chronoforms form to get a single key value (e.g. SSN number) from the operator
2) validate that value (lenght, check digit)
3) use the value to read a unique row from a MySql DB (the field corresponding to the value has an index "DUPLICATE NOT ALLOWED")
4) show all fields of the row in a chronoforms form different from the one where the operator typed the single key value
5) allow the operator to change the value of one or more fields in the chronoforms form
6) save changed data to the DB.

It seems it is impossible to do something like this.....
Colnem 30 Mar, 2021
Sorry, but it is actually possible... with one or two forms, as you like it! 30 Mar, 2021
Yes, of course I am sure it is actually possibile. But I haven't found in internet any suggestion about how to do that. I was answering to the question of admin in the post #394564.

He asked "Which features would you like to have in a manual or video tutorial" and I listed what I would like to see in a tutorial or a manual, if possibile. If it is impossible to have a tutorial I'll try and try again until I'll reach the result I want.
Colnem 31 Mar, 2021
Can you speak french? 31 Mar, 2021
I can understand french. I can also say something but really very basic. And I cannot write french. I am sorry.
Colnem 31 Mar, 2021
First Step
1 - You Create a new Advanced Form
New Form: Setting: you can give a name to your Form
Save by "Create Form"

2 Page Group: Type = Standalone
3 Start Page: Views
You add a Text Field (Name = Text_1, probably)
Under the text field, you add a Button Field.
-> Edit the buttons parameters (toothed wheel on the right)
-> Type = Submit (by default)
-> Advanced Settings: choose "Submit Page" (Choose the next page)
-> IN the Submit Page Area, choose "your_form.end_page"

4 End page: You have to create an action to read the Text_1 value in your database
Click on purple text "Switch to Actions Editor"
In the Actions Area of the End Page (not in the start page)
-> Add a "Basic/Message"
-> Edit the Message (toothed wheel on the right)
-> in content area, write {}

5 Save your form (Apply)
You can see the result (Admin View or Front View)
At this time, you can write a text on Text1 Area (example: 12345678), hit the Button and read the result, something like this:
[option] => com_chronoforms7
[cont] => manager
[chronoform] => form-31mar21-1500
[gpage] => end_page
[text_1] => 12345678
[366fbf6371036d9508596018c69354c0] => 0c1817a4a4777c6ae9ff1ec5924a8431
[e2f0b04fc25b741eaabdc5d23ac26910] => 4718e63dfc902f189a1aac261dd7d9e1
[joomla_user_state] => logged_in
[Itemid] =>
[__cf_token] => a19e2090-e2d0-4cb0-abfb-1f3e66fa0782

Your word is {data:text_1}. We have to use {data:text_1} to read your database index.

To be continued… 18 Apr, 2021

excuse me for the long time, but I had some problems in the past weeks.First of all I want to thank you very much for your very clear and useful informations. Unfortunately, however, I cannot get things to work as I would like!

this is the output of the message {}
    [option] => com_chronoforms7
    [cont] => manager
    [chronoform] => prova chronoforms v7
    [gpage] => end_page
    [cod_fisc] => BRNNNA15T65A944M
    [__cf_token] => 5712fe91-f80b-4e45-a64d-8136aa0fa2ec
I have added then a Database/Read data action with Model name = Model 4 , Select = First Record and WHERE conditions:
Model4.lc_cod_fisc = {data:cod_fisc}when I click on Admin view the result is the following:
    [end_page_validation] => Array
            [log] => Automatic validation enabled.
            [var] => true

    [read_data_4] => Array
            [result] => Data not found!
            [log] => Array
                    [0] => SELECT `Model4`.`aid` AS `Model4.aid`, `Model4`.`user_id` AS `Model4.user_id`, `Model4`.`created` AS `Model4.created`, `Model4`.`modified` AS `Model4.modified`, `Model4`.`lc_sesso` AS `Model4.lc_sesso`, `Model4`.`lc_classe` AS `Model4.lc_classe`, `Model4`.`lc_parrocchia` AS `Model4.lc_parrocchia`, `Model4`.`lc_iniz_crist` AS `Model4.lc_iniz_crist`, `Model4`.`lc_cod_fisc` AS `Model4.lc_cod_fisc`, `Model4`.`lc_nome` AS `Model4.lc_nome`, `Model4`.`lc_cognome` AS `Model4.lc_cognome`, `Model4`.`lc_luogo_nascita` AS `Model4.lc_luogo_nascita`, `Model4`.`lc_data_nascita` AS `Model4.lc_data_nascita`, `Model4`.`lc_indirizzo` AS `Model4.lc_indirizzo`, `Model4`.`lc_cap` AS `Model4.lc_cap`, `Model4`.`lc_localit` AS `Model4.lc_localit`, `Model4`.`lc_email` AS `Model4.lc_email`, `Model4`.`lc_cellulare` AS `Model4.lc_cellulare`, `Model4`.`lc_telefono_1` AS `Model4.lc_telefono_1`, `Model4`.`lc_scautismo` AS `Model4.lc_scautismo`, `Model4`.`lc_comunicazioni` AS `Model4.lc_comunicazioni` FROM `josxd_chronoforms_data_iscrfemmina` AS `Model4` WHERE `Model4`.`lc_cod_fisc` IN ('cod_fisc');

            [var] => false

The result of read_data is record not found! But I am absolutely sure that there is a record with the key I typed in form field cod_fisc! I am sure because if I try to read the same record with a chronoforms V6 form I got it, as you can see:
    [option] => com_chronoforms6
    [cont] => manager
    [chronoform] => richiestacod_fisc
    [event] => submit
    [codfisc] => BRNNNA15T65A944M
    [Cerca] => 
    [EM] => 
    [submit_validate_fields] => Array
            [log] => Automatic validation enabled.
            [var] => 1

    [read_data12] => Array
            [log] => Array
                    [0] => SELECT `Data12`.`aid` AS `Data12.aid`, `Data12`.`user_id` AS `Data12.user_id`, `Data12`.`created` AS `Data12.created`, `Data12`.`modified` AS `Data12.modified`, `Data12`.`lc_nome` AS `Data12.lc_nome`, `Data12`.`lc_cognome` AS `Data12.lc_cognome`, `Data12`.`lc_luogo_nascita` AS `Data12.lc_luogo_nascita`, `Data12`.`lc_data_nascita` AS `Data12.lc_data_nascita`, `Data12`.`lc_cod_fisc` AS `Data12.lc_cod_fisc`, `Data12`.`lc_indirizzo` AS `Data12.lc_indirizzo`, `Data12`.`lc_cap` AS `Data12.lc_cap`, `Data12`.`lc_localit` AS `Data12.lc_localit`, `Data12`.`lc_email` AS `Data12.lc_email`, `Data12`.`lc_cellulare` AS `Data12.lc_cellulare`, `Data12`.`lc_telefono_1` AS `Data12.lc_telefono_1`, `Data12`.`lc_scautismo` AS `Data12.lc_scautismo`, `Data12`.`lc_comunicazioni` AS `Data12.lc_comunicazioni`, `Data12`.`lc_sesso` AS `Data12.lc_sesso`, `Data12`.`lc_classe` AS `Data12.lc_classe`, `Data12`.`lc_parrocchia` AS `Data12.lc_parrocchia`, `Data12`.`lc_iniz_crist` AS `Data12.lc_iniz_crist` FROM `josxd_chronoforms_data_iscrfemmina` AS `Data12` WHERE `Data12`.`lc_cod_fisc` = 'BRNNNA15T65A944M' LIMIT 100;

            [var] => Array
                    [Data12] => Array
                            [aid] => 314
                            [user_id] => 0
                            [created] => 2021-03-17 13:55:27
                            [modified] => 2021-03-17 13:55:27
                            [lc_nome] => A*******a
                            [lc_cognome] => B**********i
                            [lc_luogo_nascita] => B************a
                            [lc_data_nascita] => 2015-12-25
                            [lc_cod_fisc] => BRNNNA15T65A944M
                            [lc_indirizzo] => Via A****************s 55
                            [lc_cap] => 40133
                            [lc_localit] => B**********a
                            [lc_email] => a**********
                            [lc_cellulare] => 3355382845
                            [lc_telefono_1] => 
                            [lc_scautismo] => §§§§§§§§§§§§§   
                            [lc_comunicazioni] => aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
                            [lc_sesso] => F
                            [lc_classe] => A
                            [lc_parrocchia] =>    
                            [lc_iniz_crist] => N


        ) 18 Apr, 2021
The only difference is in the WHERE condition of the SELECT action:

In chronoforms v7 the condition is:

WHERE `Model4`.`lc_cod_fisc` IN ('cod_fisc')

In chronoform v6 the condition is:
WHERE `Data12`.`lc_cod_fisc` = 'BRNNNA15T65A944M' LIMIT 100

I cannot understand the reason of this difference! 18 Apr, 2021
I'd like to understand why a function that works correctly in Chronoforms V6 doesn't work the same way in Chronoforms V7! But it is not essential. 20 Apr, 2021
Now the read statement works fine but I think there is a bug in chronoforms v7!
Obviously I made the first mistake: the name of the field in the form was codfisc while the name I had written in the WHERE clause was cod_fisc. I corrected the error and clicked on Apply but it still didn't change the SELECT format I saw in debug.
I deleted the WHERE clause and rewrote it and finally I was able to read the DB!
I think this is a bug in chronoforms V7.
Colnem 24 Apr, 2021

Try with operator "LIKE" in Chronoforms 7.

DavidLi 16 Jan, 2023
This neat software is in DIRE need of a manual.
The videos aren't a full replacement.
I would suggest that you pick a newbee, and walk them through over the phone / Remote Desktop how to do the "5" basic tasks. And document that whole thing.
Then, go through the app configuration and talk about every button and every field.
Then, allow users to post example code and tidbits on how they did it in a searchable database of examples.
That would be SO MUCH better than the current frustration. It's such a tease because it looks highly capable, but does nothing for newbees.

I can't figure out how to send an email on CF7 from a form...and no errors, no diagnostics, no exclamations on how it works, no examples.
Same form worked fine in CF6 that was imported in. Joomla has no problem sending out email.
renierjvr 17 Apr, 2023
what is the code to embed a form in html?
ie form name is myform, is it the {chronoforms}myform{/chronoforms}?
Where is the chronoforms 7 manual?
Max_admin 22 Apr, 2023
The code is {chronoforms7}myform{/chronoforms7}

And for the manual, could you please write a list of the topics you want to start the manual with ? please choose something specific
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
webbusteruk 22 Apr, 2023
Max is there a shortcode for the new CC6? {chronoconnectivity6}alias{/chronoconnectivity6} doesn't work anymore.
Max_admin 22 Apr, 2023
I replied by email to Chye about this!
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
snelson 07 May, 2023
Here's a short list of topics to start a manual with and they are in no particular order:

A manual should have a list of all commands, functions, and procedures available in version 7 with examples of how to use them.
At a minimum a manual should have examples of how to build simple forms that do the basics like displaying forms and fields for the user to input data.
Examples showing how to capture that data and use it to query a database.
Examples showing how to display the returned data on a form for the user to view.
A manual should have examples of literally everything that your software can do.

Max, chronoforms6 is a very good product that I first bought from you in 2019 to build a very basic form on a charity website. It's been in use on that website for four years without any problem. With support ending for Joomla!3 this August, I needed to build a new Joomla!4 website for this charity. I started back during the winter and everything else is ready on the new website, except that I cannot use chronoforms6 with Joomla!4 and so I upgraded to chronoforms7. Unfortunately, chronoforms7 is so different from chronoforms6 that I have been unsuccessful in implementing this basic form. Without a chronoforms7 manual from the developer my project is dead in the water.

I imagine back in April, 2020, you had reasons for initially releasing chronoforms7 without a manual. But that's been over three years ago and still no manual. Please, I want to use your product as I'm sure many other developers do also. But many of us need a manual that should be part of even the most basic software package.

Max_admin 13 Jul, 2023
I started writing a manual covering many topics in ChronoForms7, I will add more as time allows, you may let me know if you need something specific.
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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