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popup form bug?

kenmcmahon 10 Mar, 2020
Not sure if this is a bug or some other issue. I'm using Chronoforms6 with Wordpress 5.3.2. I have a form on this page:

It's at the bottom on the 'click here' link under venue finder.

First time you click all works fine, but if you close the form, then open it again, it appears under the semi-trnsparent overlay and you can't access the fields or the close button. The only way out from here is to hit the back button or reload the page.

GreyHead 11 Mar, 2020
Hi Ken,

There is a 'dimmer' sheet that sits behind the form to obscure the main page - when you re-load it seems to be coming in front of the form. Sometimes you can set a z-index to fix layers like this - it doesn't seem to work here in my quick tests.

Given the size and nature of the form the easiest fix is probably to link to the form in it's own page rather than using an overlay.

kenmcmahon 11 Mar, 2020
Thanks Bob

I expect I'll spend too long grappling with the CSS to try and get it to work, give up, then take your advice and put it on a page😉

Odd that it works ok the first time.

Best wishes
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