How to address checkbox group with element action?

HerKle 07 Jul, 2019
in this forum the image upload doesn't work. So I have to describe:

When trying to hide or show a checkbox group depending on a preceding field's value, nothing works.
When addressing the target field ID with the checkbox group ID without square brackets, the checkbox group never hides. no matter which choice has been made.
When addressing the target field ID with the checkbox group ID with square brackets, no slider container opens anylonger and the entire form is useless.

How can I fix this?
healyhatman 07 Jul, 2019
Target the NAME with the square brackets. Always target the name unless you have a reason to specifically target the id.
HerKle 08 Jul, 2019
Name and ID are identical in my case. So this makes no difference. :-(

And - btw - the sublabel of that input field says: "Target field ID or Function name".
Unfortunately, the blue button "More info on" a t the bottom of each element popup still opens 404 error pages. It could really be helpful, to be redirected to the new addresses of the help topics. Joomla itself even offers a redirect component …
healyhatman 08 Jul, 2019
It would because to target the id you would use a # in front but use and post a screenshot link anyway of your field events
healyhatman 08 Jul, 2019
wait never mind you're on the obsolete v5 ignore everything I said you'll have to wait for Bob to help you.
Max_admin 09 Jul, 2019
Hi HerKle,

Is it possible to install v6 and use it for that form with the problem only ? better than using v5 now.

Try #field_id or field_id dirrectly, none of them work ?

Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
HerKle 09 Jul, 2019
I would have used v6 since long, if only the payment methods weren't limited to paypal and credit card, none of which my association has.
Why isn't direct payment with eg. Klarna offered? No extra registraton, just contact with our online banking and done.
HerKle 09 Jul, 2019
What is that? Link?
healyhatman 09 Jul, 2019
2 checkout, the payment option?
HerKle 09 Jul, 2019
Sorry, I don't understand your question. This 2checkout is exactly what I meant by "limited to credit card and paypal". I cannot see any alternative payment method when I follow Chronoengine's checkout link. So what is the intention of your question?
healyhatman 09 Jul, 2019
Sorry someone told me 2CO does bank transfer.
Max_admin 10 Jul, 2019
Hi HerKle,

If you have a v5 key then it should work on v6

If not then Cards and PayPal are the most popular payment options, I think PayPal support using a bank account ? did you try to open a PayPal account to check that ?

Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
HerKle 10 Jul, 2019
Hi Max,
for payment I just need an IBAN. No third parties needed to be involved who collect data for whatever doubtful purpose and transfer the data to evil Trump's country where privacy is not appreciated.
And I wish to buy it for my association, not as a private person. The association needs the bill and pays from its account. No additional transactions which makes things difficult to explain to our auditors.
I have never met these Chronoengine difficulties so far. Most companies offer all available options and don't force customers to unwanted registrations elsewhere. Too bad.
Kind regards,
GreyHead 11 Jul, 2019
Hi Herbert,

It looks as though 2CO offer a pretty full range of payment options - see here. You might want to use the Contact Us link above to ask Max to change the ChronoEngine settings.

HerKle 11 Jul, 2019
Thx Bob, that's worth a try.
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