Event on textfield: Remove error message after user has entered correct value

pat01 04 Jun, 2019

I have set a textfield to acceppt numbers only and only numbers from 1 and 3. I use validation and events to do so and it works fine.

But there is a small issue: If the user enters a wrong value the error message shows and the form can't be submitted. Everything correct so far.
After the user has changed the invalid value to a valid one, the error message does not go away. But the form now can be submitted.

It would be nice if the error message would go away after the user has entered a valid value.Is it possible?

Thanks a lot.



PS: I have selected the wrong tag. It is Chronoforms 6, not Connectivity v6. But I can't chage it now.
healyhatman 05 Jun, 2019
OK so you haven't done that right. You're not supposed to disable validation when you enter a valid combination.
So remove the disable validation event you have there, and instead do a few things.

1) In the validation tab, under "validation rules", put
integer[1..3]:Must be between 1-3
This says it has to be a whole number (whereas the "Number" validation can be a decimal like 3.14159) between 1 and 3.

2) In the "advanced" tab, in "extra attributes", put type:tel
This means when a mobile user taps on the field, it by default will show them the number input keyboard
pat01 05 Jun, 2019
Works fine, thanks a lot!
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