Match two email address in chronoforms

boltuc 03 Jun, 2019
I'm setting up a registration form. There are two emails - Email 1 must match Email 2.
How do we validate these two email to ensure the 2nd email match the 1st email?
GreyHead 04 Jun, 2019
Hi boltuc,

Please check the New Joomla User demo form - on the Design tab you can click the Confirm Email text field > Validation tab and set Matches to the name of the first Email text field.

And in the Setup tab check that you have the Validation set to select All fields with validation rules.

boltuc 04 Jun, 2019
Hi Bob,
Yes this is a great feature of the new Chronoforms version but I'm using old Chronoforms 4 with joomla 2.5
Thank you
boltuc 04 Jun, 2019
Thanks for your help.
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