Upload File with Modified Name

coughlin 30 May, 2019
Here is what I have:
  1. VIEWS: form with upload field named "bp"
  2. ACTIONS: php code generating file name (which works)
  3. ACTIONS: upload action with custom upload path (which works)
  4. ACTIONS: upload action File Name Provider with "{var:fn1}.{var:bp.file.extension}"
The value from var.fn1 is working fine. However, no matter what I try I cannot get the extension from the attached file to be placed at the end of my file name. I have spent hours trying to get this to work and am positive there is something silly I am missing. Any guidance is appreciated!
coughlin 30 May, 2019
I believe I found my issue. The instructions say to replace FN. I assumed that FN stood for field name, which is what is located in the VIEWS section of the form. However, what is actually meant is that you replace FN with the name of the UPLOAD ACTION in the ACTIONS view, which is the same action that you are typing this in to. Once I made that change all worked as planned.

I suggest you clarify the wording on this? Perhaps instead of "FN" you might want to use "THISACTIONNAME" or something?
healyhatman 31 May, 2019
FN in this case means Function Name. But yes, I agree.
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