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srijit 29 Jan, 2007
I wanted to have the form as the default landing page in Joomla. With most components, you just have to set that as the first item in mainmenu, and it automatically comes up. In case of ChronoForms, since the parameter is passed through the url, this does not work.
I get an error

There is no form with this name, plz check the url and the form management

When i contacted the author, he was quick in offering a suggestion.
<?php if($option == 'com_frontpage') mosRedirect('your form URL goes here'); ?>

Put that code in the template's index.php.

However this has a few limitations. Now if you click the Home button, you are taken to the form.
This means that the Joomla com_frontpage cannot be accesed because it will redirect to the form.

Is there a better method?

my suggestion ( i dont know much Joomla coding, so it might not be possible to do )

Instead of having the form being displayed depending on the name given in the URL, allow the link to component be used when creating a link for the form. In the link to component page, there should be a parameter called form name ( where we can input the name of the form ).
i think the form name would be stored in the database and when Joomla loads the component, it will get the formname from the database and it would work.
This may allow us to have the ChronoForms component as the landing page in the Joomla site. It might also help to reduce confusion on how/where to enter the name to get the form to display properly.
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