Event Switcher broken with new update

webbusteruk 05 Mar, 2019
Hi, we just applied the latest CF6 update and it seems to be breaking a few things.

First of all, all read_data and save_data's database selection were unselected - we had to re-select the database for each read/save function.

Second and more importantly, event switcher does not work on CF6. It removed all its events and functions. It doesn't seem possible to add the events either, it is ignoring the comma (separated) and the whole string becomes a value (eg Y,N becomes value "Y,N" instead of values "Y" and "N").

Warning to everyone updating, please make a backup beforehand!
healyhatman 05 Mar, 2019
This is why it annoys me that there's no decent changelog between versions
webbusteruk 05 Mar, 2019
This is actually pretty serious, it removed all the functions under every event switcher you have set up meticulously.

Thankfully we have duplicates of the functions within our Setup so we were able to recover relatively easily, but for those that did not have any backup it literally makes the forms unusable.
healyhatman 05 Mar, 2019
Just loaded up one of my backup forms and the event switcher that WAS a comma separated list has been changed to a multiline list and I didn't lose anything.
Updated on a live site and same thing - went from CSL to MLL without problem. What were the options in yours?
webbusteruk 05 Mar, 2019
Do you mean under your Event switcher : Events, it's a textarea field (multiline list)?

Ours still appears as a text field, with the label "Events -comma separated". We are unable to create separate events because CF is ignoring the , and reading the input as having no separation.

Created a new form and it has the same issue.
webbusteruk 05 Mar, 2019
Yeah, will try that and see.

Edit: Updated CF6 on a different website and it seems to be working fine. Not quite sure what went wrong with the other website. Reinstalled CF6 and it's fixed now.
Max_admin 07 Mar, 2019
Yes, that was fixed on 6.0.24, but 6.023 might had a problem!

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Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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