MULTIPAGE FORM - proper configuration for data read function mixed with new data entered

Elita 07 Feb, 2019
I have a multipage form with read data function that shows the data already entered for the Person before + some empty fields that should be entered.

My problem is to configure page events and actions so that Person might go back and forth the form pages with the data entered, submit the form and create other form for other person after.

Should I set Keep alive to yes in the Display section? Should I check the "Mix the multipage data with the global data? Should I put specific data provider instead of {session:multipage}?

what those options are meant for?
healyhatman 08 Feb, 2019
Keep alive means that the session won't expire while the form is open, so yes.
Mix multipage data takes all the data in session and puts it back in with the form data
No, {session:multipage} should be fine.
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